We need living spaces reflecting the architecture of our inner space


What? You are also an ARCHITECT?

Yes, I am. With 25 years of experience, I’ve passed through all levels of craftsmanship. This taught me how to turn beauty into bricks, matter into sacred space. Molding the infinite into shape is an art. The unending flow of creativity and love cannot be constructed with tools of the intellect alone.

Architecture, any art really, does not produce anything. It birthes the subtle into manifestation. From a sense of proportion, keen discernment and right timing. To build the fundament of our lives well, we need to be in harmonious relations with ourselves, others and the universe. Let me help you create your circumstances following who you are. From vision to assembly.

How we could work together

A great building must begin with the unmeasurable,
must go through measurable means when it is being designed
and in the end must be unmeasurable.  


Ashram Living

We are experiencing the dawn of a new humanity, the emergence of ancient wisdom for our times. Technology makes our lives convenient, phones, laptops and the internet help stay in touch, manage daily chores and learn about literally anything. Yet, we have not come anywhere close to developing our human potential, our inner technology of consciousness. While our planet is ascending, we all, as people of the Earth, are asked to heal, take care of ourselves, others and the planet. Becoming love, loving and lovable forever.


Sohong Center

An Ashram is the house of the teacher, where life reaches beyond ordinary living, equal parts safe haven and pressure cooker. The sohong center has been created in that spirit. Many people came to help build it, and many keep coming to learn, inspire, and confront each other.

I am very grateful for this gift, and the level of strength and devotion it helped us develop. Currently, I live here with my partner and our children. The ground floor of the two buildings houses the yoga center. The first building consists of three apartments - just above the center - of which one is rented out. We also have a front and a back garden as well as a courtyard connecting the buildings. It is a self-sustaining way of living.

Yet, there is still room for expansion. More is possible. We are ready to open up the living space and share it with people who use their potential for awakening and the preservation of resources.

Are you looking for a long term engagement, dedicating your time to personal and collective growth and development? As a teacher, healer, builder, or all of it? Can you imagine contributing to the maintenance and extension of the buildings? Mid-term one of the apartments could be repurposed for whatever we come up with. Maybe you are interested in taking over the local management when we leave? Anything is possible, really. I appreciate your interest and consideration.

Land Project

My vision is to create a space somewhere in the country, a true center of Conscious Living. Depending on size, the location of the property and the facilities, the space could be used permanently or temporarily.  It could be a place that already exists and we simply join forces. It could be several places working together as a network.

Ideas and needs
  • Connectedness to nature and elements
  • Earth, water, light, air, free space
  • Self-supply-gardening and animal husbandry
  • Emission free site
  • Autonomous living space where people raise the frequency and live in freedom
  • Retreat and shelter for self-empowerment, study, development, encounter, healing and inspiration
  • No one should feel excluded
  • Playground for children

  • Isolated location or secluded property
  • Water (stream, lake, well) on or near the property
  • Location inside a radius of maximum 1500 km from Leipzig
  • Preferably surrounded by organic farming grounds and/or land in compliance with local nature protection, no or little conventional agriculture or forestry in immediate vicinity, minimal disturbance of natural eco-system
  • Property with mixed forest or forest within close reach, stock of fruit trees
  • At least 5000m² of land
  • Enough light for self-sufficient gardening, ideally on a gentle southern slope
  • Open minded neighbourhood

  • It must be possible to set up temporary buildings, tiny houses or larger permanent buildings, if needed
  • Existing buildings/facilities can be enlarged, if needed. Or there is an additional room of at least 100m² (barn or similar) available which allows basic accommodation of 20 or more people
  • Sufficient adjoining or storage room

  • Sound financial funding, monies for acquisition and construction works / modifications are available, partly or in full
  • Cheap loans
  • Investors or any other forms of financial involvement are welcome
  • Non-personal form of ownership