Develop the serenity to accept the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


Gatka is a practice of courageous living. It trains you for continuous movement. No place to hide, no time to doubt, no reason to stop. All is happening here right now. Life is immediate, flowing. And you are in the midst of it. Knowing what to do when - and then doing it! - is the difference between victory and defeat.

Gatka is as much about defending against outside attacks, as it is about internal battle. Through the practice, contrary forces within us become sensuous experiences. Energy flows immediately. You enter a playful encounter with your potentials and shadows, developing compassion for Self and Other. Eventually, the heightened sense of Self in the space transforms limitations into power. We move with confidence, consistency, and grace.



Do you long for an experience of absolute flow? Try Mulpantra. This is a basic meditative practice that cultivates grounded presence and shunia silence through balancing polarities, the 5 elements, building blocks of all life. You develop a direct and deep experience with the flow of consciousness and unconditional (self-) love. This is the starting point for all communication and decision-making.

Want to experience Gatka? Here is how.

You will enter the practice by bringing who you are. There are no levels, and many ways to join. From weekly classes in Leipzig to Special Workshops all over Europe, Gatka Camps, Private Sessions and other forms of Deep Immersion. You can also book me for your own training, workshop or retreat.

How a regular Gatka practice can benefit you.

  • know yourself free and borderless and express yourself authentically
  • strengthen your body-soul-mind
  • establish communication based on Shunia (inner stillness), anchoring in your soul and heart, not ego
  • take and steady your position and space in the moment (right time, right angle, right distance)
  • be able to stand for yourself and others
  • expand yourself in all dimensions
  • establish your autonomy, grace, and excellence
  • qualify yourself to elevate any situation through your presence

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What Gatka is to me

Gatka is an Indian martial art tradition. Through my own practice, I came to recognise and honour the wisdom it holds. This instilled in me a sincere wish to preserve its essence while at the same time keeping it relevant for people today in the West, neither watering it down nor getting stuck in ritualistic performance.

Gatka and Kundalini Yoga both belong to the tradition of Adi Shakti Yoga, a state of grace, ecstasy and no mind. Their practices serve to harmonise the spiritual power (Bhakti) and the physical force (Shakti) which in turn allows the Adi Shakti to come forth. This is the divine quality of a spiritual warrior. He respects life, all of it. He defends its sacredness. He acts from compassion.

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