When the prayer becomes the vibration of the mind and self, then we can create a miracle.


Healing with Sound

The gong is one of the oldest instruments on this planet and includes the full range of sounds in this universe.


The universe came into being through sound, and is constantly rebirthing itself. Sound vibrations keep rising from Pure Consciousness, which underlies all existence, continually unfolding as our experience of the Universe (Nada Brahma).

Everything is sound and our bodies divine instruments. We can work with different frequencies to heal, transform, and elevate ourselves. When the gong is played, our bodies and minds resonate with the creative cosmic flow. The harmony of tones and overtones invokes expanded levels of consciousness and attunes us to our soul.

In Harmony with All

Here are some of the many benefits of gong sound. Immerse yourself into universal vibration. Be one with all.

  • It is impossible to understand harmony from the limited perspective of the ego mind. Gong sound lets you experience true harmony, the dynamic resonance of the universe you are part of.
  • If you allow sound to harmonise you - attune you - it opens the door to self-healing. Dis- ease cannot exist on harmonious grounds.
  • Sound is direct. It immediately touches what needs to be touched.
  • Gongs teach acceptance and devotion.
  • There is nothing like the gong to relax you deeply.

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How I experience Gong Sound

The gong is a tool for healing: myself, others, and the entire planet. Working with gongs, receiving their sounds is touching, challenging, simply beautiful, tender and strong, opening, exciting and soothing, powerful and reconciling, stimulating and balancing, infinitely enlightening and profoundly disturbing and at the same time. Gong sound is complex, as complex as the Universe itself.

There is more information about the gong and its effects in the resource section of the website. You can read here what great masters and teachers have said about the unique qualities of the gong and its benefits for the human psyche.