Links to people and campaigns / initiatives I feel connected and I learn(ed) from


The ashram where I teach and live. I share my life with my partner Noa Har Anand and my children. YOGAZENTRUM sohong LEIPZIG

I highly recommend all offers of Guru Deva and Gurprakash they created my website. The design was only one part. But much had to do with the competent work with content. As kundalini yoga teachers, I got some amazing experiences through them.

The page of spirit sister Hari Kartar ´Dharam Raj´ Kundalini-Yogahaus Freiburg, where I am giving workshops from time to time.

One day if we both understood how to work together we will share the amazing benefit with the poeple. See you Sant Subagh Singh, Nanak Dev Ji's former page.


Website of my former Gatka+KundaliniYoga-Teacher (if you can read italian) International Gatka Academy - Guru Shabad Singh -- direct student of Yogi Bhajan.
Unfortunately, our relationship is currently overshadowed by confusion and politics, which is not exactly a warrior quality. What does it teach me? I am not bound to a person as a teacher, but I am committed myself to teach, the spirits that reached me through him. And that is inviolably independent of all egoism as love is. I love you, Guru.

I'm still planning a workshop there: yogaliguria in Borgomaro, what an attractive, beautiful place, led by the amazingly authentic Kundalini yoga teacher and artist Aimee Denkmann.


Where I found my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. Today removed from KRI, but very inspiring, interesting moves. Sometimes I am co-working with Karta Singh Satyavrati direct student of Yogi Bhajan in several modules of Kundalini Yoga teacher training and True Man Camp. Amrit Nam Sarovar – Kundalini Yoga school in Domaine Le Martinet, France


men-circle, brothers in russia, strong, authentic men, working with kundalini yoga, wolves, shamanic practice, Vedic knowledge, nature.


Here you will meet my Gatka brother and sister in Barcelona Carlos Sat Shakti Singh and Carol


Carolyn Cowan: unfortunately I never met her, just saw her in yoga festival France years ago. But from my site highly recommended lady, authentic deep, strong teachings, independent, a warrior...

Very inspiring brother of heart, great presentation, Sivaroshan.


Guru Siyag. Very inspiring for my vision towards an even more expansive practice

What a great chance to study about Kundalini yoga, Meditations, Lectures taught by Yogi Bhajan, the library of teachings, just register, it's free like it should be

Eckhart Tolle. A channel to knowledge. A source of wisdom.

Official website of an important contrarian thinker, Vera Birkenbihl. Youtube is full of inspirational and enlightening videos. Full of humor, she was, in my view, one of the most influential people of our time.