It's allright if you grow your wings on the way down

What will we do with ourselves, now that we have become impossible?

We’ve lived outwardly for so long. No problem we couldn’t solve through aggression and natural dominance. But that time is over. Leaving us lost, confused and agitated. There are forces against us. They are inside. Our very ground of being is becoming undone.

We must redefine our centre. Piecing ourselves together as we walk over the battlefield searching for survivors. Seeking our neglected parts: Wild and spontaneous. Tender and true. Free to choose and free to live. With our hearts leading the way. We shall become peaceful warriors. Bringing back to life vigour and purpose.

We are not wolves, alone, in the woods. We are in this together. Watching each other, keeping each other in check, but also, watching over each other. Bearing witness is the beginning and the end of men’s work. As a group of men we can be present to one another and forgive. Catch the spark of new possibility. Start healing the wounds that have no beginning. Be innocent again. A shining light.

What does your heart choose?


Dear Brother, wherever you are, here is my invitation to you, from my heart to yours.

Kick off your shoes, immerse yourself in the natural world. Get out of the grind. Get into the grove. Dare to dream again. And do not stop until you feel the heart fire showing you the way forward. Let us rekindle our divinity, the Masculine Light.

The time of abuse is over, abuse of power, the planet, women and ourselves. Let us experience who we really are and share that inspiration.

Come to the French Alps from 12-16 August for our annual TRUE MAN CAMP.

  • Karta, Lead Trainer, visionary, spiritual guide and founder of the Amrit Nam Sarovar School,
  • Denis, Kundalini Yoga Teacher from the Ukraine
  • and myself, Har Anand Singh, are looking forward to welcoming you.

We will do a kora, a pilgrim circuit, around a secret mountain, with rituals, yoga, massages and more. To awaken as Light Warriors.

Akal, Sat Nam Rüdiger Har Anand Singh

How TRUE MAN work can benefit you

  • Discover brotherhood instead of competition. Experience the love and support of other men.
  • Practice letting yourself be touched in a protected space. To be vulnerable, ask for help and allow your brothers to be your mirror and inspiration.
  • Learn to walk like a man, look like a man, talk like a man, act like a man. To be confident in your masculinity. Feeling comfortable in your skin. Embracing your power and your light, under all circumstances. Because you know who you are.
  • Prepare for adversity and how to meet it with love and compassion.
  • Bond with men of all ages. Learn wisdom for the elders. Soak in the passion of the younger. Holding all, who have lost their way - no matter what age.
  • A unique opportunity for men in their mid-life. The time you are tested in your resilience, power, and integrity. The hidden shadow of the destructive Feminine challenging you. The ghost of your dead father haunting you. Dare to feel your pain and free yourself from being the numbed ghost of your childhood dreams.
  • Kundalini Yoga to get in touch with your masculine and feminine aspects. To fully stand in your power and nurture yourself.
  • And have a little fun along the way.


Our actions are easily influenced and even mislead by the environments, situations and circumstances.

Our words might be different than our actions. With commitment this can change.
But what am I committed to?
And why is discipline needed, or is it?

What kind of action is possible for a spiritual man? 



As we walk, we want to offer the
TRUE MAN heart energy to ourselves and to all beings in pain. May we find our way through with our hearts wide open. 

August Mon 12 - Fri 16 2019 
French Alps, close to Grenoble
Go here for details and registration

For dates please check the class schedule and the calendar page. Questions? Drop me a line.


TRUE MAN is an international community of men, living consciously. And it keeps growing.

We are committed to facing the time and contributing to the GREAT PLANETARY AWAKENING. How can we co-create the new world and a new life?

You don't need to do this alone. Join us, brother.