Become un - shakeable

Do you find it challenging to be in touch with yourself? Do you struggle with opening up, or simply feel derailed and confused at times? Do you long for meaning and direction?

Kundalini Yoga puts spirit back into your life. Your sense of Self becomes unshakeable. Body and mind start aligning with your soul and its unique guidance. You become intimate with yourself, and your yoga practice mirrors back to you who you truly are. From that place, you - and only you - decide where to go next.

Practicing Kundalini yoga is an act of self-love.


Kundalini Yoga, what is it all about for me?

You in unconditional relation with yourself and the universe - that is yoga. Everything you create is an act of love, the love that encompasses all and relates to all from Oneness.

Kundalini Yoga is the most comprehensive yoga I know of. It incorporates the full range of yoga practices: postures both dynamic and static, tantric exercises in combination with breathing and relaxation techniques, mantras, mudras (hand postures) and an array of potent meditations. Kundalini Yoga is varied and rich, yet forms a coherent system in which all parts complement and reinforce each other.

This makes it highly effective. Not to cope with what is not working. But to awaken to your full potential and open up your life. In that spirit we will practice.


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This is my vision for an even more expansive practice which I call Gong Yoga.

Are you ready to explore this with me?

We will be meeting in the form of loose gatherings. Supported by gong sound, I will guide you through specific movement sequences and exercises that help boost your presence of Self. We will learn precise techniques based on the tradition of yoga and martial art, all geared towards a greater level of spontaneity and intuition - as this is your natural state and the root of all yoga. When you exist in your most powerful resonance and dynamic balance, you are like a resonating gong (hence the name), experiencing the bliss of True Self and Health.

Let's give ourselves an experience of awakened Kundalini. Join me for an irresistible fusion of yoga, gatka and gong that catapults you to new heights.

Yogic kriyas are spontaneous involuntary asanas (postures), mudras (gestures), pranayamas (breathing movements), sensations and other movements evoked by the awakened kundalini during meditation. In other words, they are a sign of the awakening of the Kundalini. The practitioner can not intentionally start, stop, or control these yogic kriyas (body movements). The kriyas are unique to any practitioner like a tailor made program. The physical and mental condition and spiritual background of each practitioner are completely different. What applies to one, does not apply to the other. The Shakti knows the specific attitudes a practitioner must take to rid the body and mind of discomfort and progress on the spiritual path.



This is how a regular Kundalini Yoga practice can benefit you

  • raise your vibration
  • withstand the pressures of time
  • be open
  • be conscious about your relationship to yourself and the present moment
    become more receptive to subtle guidance
  • see and dissolve unconscious blocks
    support healing and develop your physical, mental and soul potential
  • foster the qualities of acceptance, commitment, devotion, discipline, tolerance, receptivity and understand their significance
  • touch different layers within yourself, gain access to multiple dimensions of existence